22 July, 2011

Books like butterflies

In the last few days, a packet flew in for us.  On opening it we found many children’s books, with pictures, colours and laughter.

Gaby Hidalgo – a colleague of ours who some years ago worked as a volunteer with the Network and continues her support from a distance – had told her colleague Pedro Marchena about her experience with our Rural Libraries of Cajamarca.

The Marchena family took the subject seriously and transformed their interest into solidarity: they have sent a box of prized children’s books, as a donation to our libraries in the countryside.  The books had belonged to their daughter Valerie who is now grown up and is reading other books.

Pedro wrote to us saying: ”We hope that as to Valerie these books were the entrance to a limitless world, so they too can be to those who can read them now.”

We can already imagine the great pleasure and enthusiasm for reading which these books, generously donated, will awaken in the hearts of our readers in the countryside, above all the smallest among them.
Sometimes, books arrive like butterflies, in colourful and dedicated flight.

A grateful hug – for this inspiration – to all our friends and a special one for Valerie.       

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