17 May, 2011

To learn is to grow


In mid May we visited, in the area of Cutervo, the coordinator of the network's Communitarian Programme, Abel Vásquez Saucedo.

In his house in Sócota six kids had congregated, along with their mothers, fathers and some brothers and sisters.  We had the chance to talk, share concerns and find solutions to the diverse difficulties which these children with potential capabilities continually face in their lives.  We also shared the children’s smiles and great joy at the progress made since our last visit: one girl had learnt to walk, another is now talking; several children are able to attend the first level of a primary education institution and others are able to help out in their homes.  As those in charge of the Communitarian Programme, we are delighted by each of these advances, and are equally moved by the unity and solidarity shared within this group of parents and their children.

We are also encouraged by don Abel’s sense of to learn-to grow, his natural manner, his humility, his ability to play with these children and his commitment to their parents.  It is true, then, what our coordinators say: we are a community, we are a big family.           

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