29 May, 2011


One of the activities run with the children from the Community Programme during our 5th Parents and Children Meeting, was the visit to the children of “La Casita”, the rural alternative school in the community of Pomabamba.

We were very warmly received, with great affection, not only by the children but also by the mothers who had gathered to meet us and share something of our experiences.  After sharing a few stories, games and some dancing, we talked about the importance of our natural medicine, a subject which sparked great interest in the Pomabambans.  Our expert healers José Isabel Ayay –from the community of Chilimpampa, Cajamarca– and Apolinar Huamán –from Jadibamba, in the high grasslands of Hualgayoc – shared with us part of their knowledge in this field.

Later, the voluntary teachers shared with us some delicious tortillas with jam and quince juice, all prepared by them with their local fruits.  We spent a very pleasant morning in which we all had the opportunity to learn something new.  For our children, this visit meant much more than just seeing other places and other people, the fact we were so well received and brought into the community as if we came everyday is more valuable than the trip itself.

Thank you to the Pomabambans for making these encounters so enjoyable!    

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