20 June, 2011

Books in the making

The heart of the Network of Rural Libraries is the exchange of books.  It is a systole and diastole of pages and reading.

Each coordinator, when they pass the Central Office in Cajamarca, takes the opportunity to bring books that have been read and take away new books, so as to constantly enliven the reading in the countryside.  They then distribute these books again between the rural libraries for which they are responsible.  This is what we call the exchange and the reason why we have an Exchange Centre in our institutional premises.

To continually maintain the Exchange Centre with new and diverse books is the great challenge of the Rural Libraries.  The books are the incentive, the essence and – as we’ve said – the heart of our organisation: from them we learn, with them we discuss, through them we grow.

In recent years, as our organisation is sustained on a voluntary basis, the donations and tokens of support of some friends committed to the Network have been extraordinarily valuable.  We move forward, but the large steps – such as, for example, to produce our new editions – require an enormous effort.
Therefore, we would like to express our recognition to the Provincial Municipality of Cajamarca which – in the ceremony in tribute to the Libraries on 27th May – pledged its support for two editions in 2011 and the donation of some units of books.
It is not only a pleasure to have new books in the hands of our rural readers, but also the commitment of solidarity in which a public institution can join.  

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