19 June, 2011

Our elders' stories

Ding-dong on show
There was a man who loved parties, he never missed one.  He was a drunk.  One day there was a wedding at one of the neighbour’s, but he didn’t know there was going to be a party.  But his wife, she did know and she knew her husband was sure to go, and so when the man went to bed early that day his wife hid his trousers.  Now he won’t be able to go to the party, the lady said.

Around nine o’clock at night you could hear the drums and flutes:
- “Where is that party?”, he said to himself. As he quickly got up to look for his trousers and he couldn’t find them, after so much looking he said:
- “As my poncho is long I’ll just go like this; nobody will see that I’m naked underneath, yeah, I’ll just sit in the dark”.

And so he went to the party like that, and when the homebrew turned up he poured himself some hefty drinks.  As he loved his drink, he got drunk and then forgot he was naked.  One of his friends had realised and so found him a partner to dance with.  Being so drunk he just got out there!

Stood at his partner’s side, he hitched up his poncho and started dancing, with his poncho over his shoulder; when she saw he was naked with his ding-dong on show his partner went to sit down and everyone laughed at watching the man. 

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