02 June, 2011

"Land that counts, land that reads"

It is an honour when one introduces the members of his/her family.  In the Rural Libraries, we have seen the birth of many books which are also members of the community, because they are the fruit of the effort, the dedication and the love for what we consider to be ours: our land, our nature, our people, our feeling.  These books reflect our essence, and so, the day that we present them we do it with great affection.

When the Provincial Municipality of Cajamarca proposed the staging of a photographic and bibliographic exposition - as part of their tribute for our 40th anniversary - we enthusiastically took up that opportunity and so prepared “Land that counts, land that reads”.
We presented 20 enlargements with their respective texts, together with the more than 120 titles which we have published to date.

It has been a pleasure not only to create the exposition but to see the interest of those who came, and also the presence of our colleagues that have come from different communities to participate in the event.

During the inauguration ceremony, our General Coordinator gave a brief summary of the history of the organisation.  Then followed a torrent of questions from the public: how did you collect these stories?, how do the communities go about creating a library?, how could we get hold of these books?, where do you find these cave painting? etc, etc.

We realised that in the city we are almost unknown.  That’s the way it is – so often – with everything to do with the countryside!.....  even though 75% of the population of Cajamarca is rural.
“Keep going”, they told us.  We give thanks and continue the journey.

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