11 August, 2011

Caleros and rock art

For many years Mr Miguel Rodríguez has toiled with sincere passion for the recovery of the ancient Cajabamban cultura.  Accompanied by his family and those who appreciate the work he does.
He has not only managed to compile an extraordinary collection of cultural evidence in the “Yachaihuasi” Centre, but also exercise his extraordinary talent with gourds and pumpkins, inventing and reinventing images.
Not longer ago, Miguel decided to incorporate the iconography of Cajamarca - published by our Network – in the design of caleros (small containers for lime powder), that fundamental companion for the chewing of the sacred coca leaf.  The result has been an eye-catching exposition and then his return to the countryside, to the “armadores” (chewers) who proudly display these colourful caleros.
We give our regards to Miguel, for that steady hand, for his generous friendship and for that tireless effort to restore the vigorous beauty of our own culture.

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