24 August, 2011


On 13th August, the Rural Libraries Community Programme held a workshop on the evaluation that began in early July.
In this workshop we discussed the points and details that the evaluators had observed during their visits to our children, parents and coordinators in the countryside, as a means of establishing a more complete picture of this external evaluation.
The evaluators highlighted many positive aspects of our work, and also – together – we found several deficiencies which we must correct and improve.
For us, a great achievement in this workshop was the work done by our base coordinators in a group task the following day, by themselves.  The evaluators had tasked them with working through the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of their own work, and they surprised us once again with their critical capacity, their accurate observations, their analysis and their reflections on the situation they live daily in their own rural communities, where the reality extends much further than can be observed.
In this sense we also thank the Network of Rural Libraries for the 40 years of companionship, training and learning of the community members who continuing working side by side, defending their culture and their rights.  

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