24 August, 2011

To walk together

“When we travel together the path becomes shorter.  And we reach the destination sooner.  Even if the road is long, in company, one feels more motivated to keep going.”   Words of encouragement from Alfredo Mires in the introduction to the book He Began The Journey, volume 20 in the series “We the Cajamarcans”, to continue our work as the Network of Rural Libraries.
Ten years have passed since then, and we now celebrate 40 years work of the Network of Libraries.  That is no small thing.  And, obviously, a lot has changed.
In the countryside, many of the routes that our peasant coordinators followed in times gone by, have now become tracks where transport passes.  Today, communication is by mobile phone and in many peasant communities there is now running water, electricity, televisions and DVD players.
These changes come quickly and, along with comforts, they bring significant disadvantages.  Although on the face of it we should have more time, the shadow of acceleration, isolation and solitude is also extending through the countryside.
These are far reaching challenges.  And whilst there is no return ticket nor the luxury of discouragement, there are infinite questions which we would like to share and absolve collectively.
How to keep forging “new men” in today’s context?
We welcome the encouragement!  May it always be easier to travel together.

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