10 September, 2011

Message from Mara

Mara Elina Mires Mocker is nine years old and participates as a volunteer, both in field work and in the Central Office of our Network.  A few days ago she wrote this note and left it, just like that, without making any comment.  Although it was not her intention that it appear in our blog, we thought it would be nice to share it.
The Community Programme of the Rural Libraries helps children with disabilities, in their improvement and good health.
In all the years that I have seen my parents work, the teacher Karina, Lola, Isabel, etc, I’ve never seen them give up and that seems to me a good initiative to continue with the community programme and with our libraries.
I feel that without them I would never have learnt anything about what the countryside is.  And I feel it is something very beautiful in which I would always like to live.
The truth is that I’ve never seen such good work that helps so many people.
This I write now.

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