23 September, 2011

Weaving volunteering

In a note from May we reflected on what it means to Weave the Net: “...If we work together, we are always cheered up by a smile, a story, a song, or just tightening or adjusting the knots.  Together we not only weave but WE ARE A NET”.
In this voluntary experience – which marks the path of the Network of Rural Libraries throughout these 40 years - ,the knots become strong and solid links expressed through fraternal friendships sharing work, ideals and projects in the making, the need to be together in spite of the distance.
In February 2010 Melanie Irmey, a student from Germany, joined us for a few months as a volunteer in the family of Rural Libraries.  Following her return to Germany she kept in touch and now again she is back with us participating in our work, weaving the Net which is ever bigger.
Thank you Melanie for your company.  And you are always welcome: we hope that your stay will be fruitful and that we may continue learning together. 

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