10 September, 2011

On the path

When the family grows, and especially when its members are dispersed, it is always difficult to find a place where we can all meet, at least once in a while, to remind us that we are not alone, to ready ourselves together to continue our journeys.
Several years ago the family of the Rural Libraries began building its house, through the combined efforts from all the members of the Network from the different communities, in a joint and voluntary endeavour known as ‘minga’ in the Quechua language.
This house of ours, apart from being well built, is virtuous in receiving us for our assemblies: and for this reason we love it dearly and make sure we look after it and that every day it looks more beautiful.
A few days ago, our colleagues fixed the path at the entrance to protect it from the wet and from those who irresponsibly throw rubbish in the street.
Come, Come!”, we say in the country when we encourage someone, welcoming them to visit us.   

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