09 September, 2011

Our elders' stories

Live food and the house of God
My grandfather told me that he was working building a wall and he also had a crowbar with him.
One day a snake appeared and tried to bite him, and he whacked it with the crowbar.  Just then there was a flash and hail and that’s all he remembers.
Then, he remembers several days being in heaven and God was healing his head where the lighting struck.  He also said that God gave him a glass of milk and some bread.
The place was a store full of all variety of foods and a room where sick people are treated.  And there he saw that all the foods were alive: a grain of wheat arrived dragging its innards, also potatoes that had lost their eyes, a grain of corn complaining about a limp and a corn cob came in all burnt, crying too, and a corn cob arrived dragging its insides.
That is what he saw in heaven.
Then God said to him:
-           Now I’ll heal you and you’re going to go back for a time, I don’t need you.  I’ll bring you back later.
And then he remembers being back in the same place, but traumatised with his face and head burnt.
That’s why he always told us not to throw the grains and cobs along the path because they get hit and split open and then they go crying to God.

Told by Dionisio Lobato, of Ramón Castilla, Libertad, Pallán.
Recorded by Santos Mayta Carrión, of 7 de Junio, Libertad, Pallán.

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