23 September, 2011

“Neither far nor foreign”

At the beginning of September we received a letter addressed to our colleague Alfredo Mires, Executive Advisor of our Network of Rural Libraries, from Mr Diego Ribadeneira Espinosa, Ambassador to the Republic of Ecuador.
In this correspondence, the ambassador mentioned that in the interests of furthering the Ecuadorian-Peruvian cultural integration, the Diplomatic Mission which he leads is currently running the bi-national project “Neither far nor foreign”, the first phase of which includes the establishment of a Cultural Directorate of the border region between Ecuador and Peru.
The result of this first phase of investigation by the Diplomatic Mission will be promoted via the distribution of a CD to the border institutions linked to cultural activity of both countries.  For this reason, on the 9th, we received a visit from the anthropologist Víctor Vimos with whom we shared a pleasant and fraternal meeting.  
We welcome these efforts which strengthen the bindings between peoples; especially considering the insoluble unity between nature and culture.
As Mahatma Ghandi would say: “I wish to not only fulfil a fraternity or identity with beings called humans, but with all living things.”  

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